Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Row 3 Instructions for the Crocodile Stitch...

So I've had a request or two to make a video on how to continue onto the third row of the Crocodile Stitch.


  1. thanks so much for doing an additional tutorial. it will sure make it easy to watch all three when i actually try and do this pattern. love it!

  2. Hi Jenny, Just found your blog through that amazing crocodile stitch, thanks for sharing, I love it! I have just the project for it, so thanks a lot! Have a good weekend! Julie :)

  3. Thanks! It is my favorite stitch now!
    Greetings from Poland!
    Ela (kowela@wp.pl)

  4. This is the neatest stitch I've found in a while:)
    Thanks for posting it.

  5. This is very nice stitch. but I want to teach some pattrens in details e.g. hat,sweater.

  6. You and your blog rock! I'm a firm believer in sharing knowledge... I saw this pattern a few weeks ago and thought it was gorgeous, but just like you wasn't about to pay for a pattern to learn it. Thanks so much for figuring it out and posting all of these tutorials. It's just gorgeous. You've gained a new follower too.


  7. Hi I love the instructions and video you have made for this stitch its wonderfully easy to understand, thank you so much.
    I noticed in the comments on the other videos that people were asking about left handed crochet as a tip from a fellow leftie I would suggest watching the video as reflected in a mirror, I do this all the time and it makes an instant reversal for us left handers.
    Kindest regards, liz uk

  8. Hi Jenny,

    I was looking for crocodile stitch videos and found yours. I couldn't find any in Dutch, but your videos are very easy to follow. First PART 1 and 2 and later ROW 3.

    I do want to point something out. I could follow it, but for some people it might be confusing. ROW 3 is about the 3rd row, but it's actually the 2nd row of PART 2. Because in the first video you start with 3 scales and the 2nd row are 4 scales. In the ROW 3 video you start with 4 scales, 2nd row 3 scales and then 4 scales again. I hope I'm not too picky.

    Like you said, I am going to make it easy for myself. I'm still trying some things. But I know how it's done. That's most important ;). I love the stitch! Thanks!

    Kind regards from The Netherlands